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Guns Down is fighting back against the National Rifle Association and the gun lobby with the simple premise that our communities are safer with fewer guns. If we’re serious about saving lives, we need to build a bolder, broader movement that finally tackles the problem at its core.

America has far more gun deaths than our peer nations. We use our guns to kill each other at a rate that’s 25 times higher than people in any other high-income country in the world and we use our guns to kill ourselves at a rate that’s eight times higher.

Guns exist for the sole purpose of killing, and they’ll continue to devastate our families and communities until we dramatically limit their availability.

Unfortunately, the National Rifle Association has spent millions of dollars advancing its guns everywhere agenda, buying off members of Congress, and spreading lies about gun reform. In 2016, the lobby invested over $30 million to elect Donald Trump and spent another $20 million electing gun extremists to Congress.  

We need to go after guns themselves.

Guns Down is taking on the NRA on all sides, by exposing the true cost of its guns-everywhere agenda and challenging those who do business with the NRA.

Guns Down members raising awareness of FedEx’s ties to the NRA

Gun violence is a major threat facing our country today. Every day, 48 children and teens are shot. Seven of them die. Mass shootings, in which four or more people are shot, have occurred in more than 100 metropolitan areas since 2015.

It is past time to end this epidemic.

Join Guns Down in creating a better America, with fewer guns.


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