Tell American Employers: We Expect You To Help Keep Us Safe

Sign onto our open letter to America’s largest employers. Tell them that they have an opportunity and a responsibility to protect their workers, customers, and communities from gun violence.

An open letter to American employers:

We represent millions of Americans – workers and customers across the country – disgusted by Congressional inaction to reduce gun violence.

If Congress won’t act, it’s time that you do.

As Congress comes back into session, American employers have an obligation to use their political leverage and clout to actively lobby lawmakers to pass gun reforms. They must also:

1. Break any financial or business ties with the gun industry and anti-reform organizations.
2. Ban the open carry of firearms in your place of business.
3. Stop making political donations to NRA-backed lawmakers and politicians.
4. Invest in the communities you serve by with intervention programs, buybacks, and other initiatives.

We will continue to push American businesses to do the right thing and take an active role in the fight for our lives.

Please join us.

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