We Demand Senate Attention For Gun Reform

Following the tragic shooting in Santa Clarita, we are calling on the Senate to debate legislation that will make it harder for individuals to obtain firearms. If necessary, the champions of gun reform in the Senate should be prepared to filibuster and shut down the Senate until Mitch McConnell agrees to take up this issue. Every single Senator who supports background checks must do everything in their power to force the greatest deliberative body in the world to debate and vote on gun violence reduction legislation.

Add your name to our petition urging our leaders in the senate to finally take action.

On February 27th, the House passed a bill extending background checks to almost every gun purchase, with the intention of making firearms harder to get.

Given the Senate’s inaction on this measure, the Senate champions of gun reform must go to the body of the Senate and begin discussing the bold policies we need to build a future with fewer guns — and not stop until there is a vote on the first step toward that goal, universal background checks.

In March, over 200 survivors of gun violence wrote a public letter urging our Senate champions to act. It’s time they heed their call.

Guns Down Guns Down