We're Calling Out the NRA's Bull

On Wednesday, at 12:30 PM EST, the House of Representatives will begin debating a measure that would strengthen our nation’s background check system.

The NRA and its supporters in Congress will almost certainly recycle the same bullsh*t talking points we’ve heard for years. In anticipation of their performance, we’ve created NRA Bingo for you to play along as anti-gun control lawmakers continue to put their campaign contributions ahead of our lives.

(Click on BINGO card  for a full-size card).

Watch the debate here. Play along as NRA-subsidized members parrot the gun lobby’s talking points. And once you get BINGO, tweet your card at @senatemajldr and demand that he allow an up-or-down vote on this critical bill! 

Print out this card (or just keep it on your phone) and play along at home! You can use #NRABINGO and let us know your progress on social media, and make sure you use the sign up form below for future updates.

Guns Down Guns Down


Even @RepThompson couldn't resist getting in on #NRABINGO. Thanks to @sarahefishkind from @MFOLMD for the footage!

RT @igorvolsky: I’m playing #NRABINGO as ⁦@RepDougCollins⁩,who took $12,140 from @nra, parrots their talking points during the House debate…

The debate is starting now! If you're playing #NRABINGO at home, you can watch live at:

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Share this card and use #NRABINGO to help us keep track of the weak arguments against #HR8.

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