Stop 3-D Printed Guns!

Manufacturers of 3-D printers must prohibit people from printing homemade guns on their machines.

Since the Trump administration struck a deal to allow a self-proclaimed anarchist to share 3-D blueprints of dangerous firearms with terrorists, criminals, minors, and other people who shouldn’t have access to guns, the top manufacturers of 3-D printers must do everything in their power to prohibit people from printing untraceable ghost guns using their products.

Technology firms must show leadership by lobbying Congress to restrict homemade guns. And, since so-called homemade “ghost guns” have already been used in mass shootings, manufacturers of 3-D printers have a social responsibility to develop tools and software that would stop their printers from being used to print untraceable and undetectable firearms that could be brought into airports, schools, federal buildings, and courthouses. We must urge them to take action. 

Here is what you can do:

  • Tweet at the company below to demand they prohibit individuals from printing undetectable guns
  • Leave a message on its Facebook page
  • Call or email the company

Stratasys Ltd. Headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, focuses on both the commercial 3-D printing market and also the consumer, desktop, 3-D printing market.

3D Systems Corporation Headquartered in Rock Hill, South Carolina, 3D Systems invented 3-D printing in 1989. The company produces 3-D printers, software, and other products. 3D Systems manufactures small desktop printers, direct metal printers and commercial printers that print in plastics and other materials.

Materialise NV is a Belgium-headquartered 3-D printing company. It divides its business into three segments: 3-D printing software, medical, and industrial production. The 3-D printing software segment includes software that “enable and enhance the functionality of 3D printers and of 3D printing operations.”

And don’t forget to sign our petition to these three companies, demanding that they take action and stop their products from being used to make guns!

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