Stop the Flow of Blood Money

Tell Congress and the President to Reject the NRA's Blood Money

Guns Down

Blacksburg. Newtown. Aurora. Fort Hood. Charleston. Orlando. And now, Las Vegas.

Mass shootings like Las Vegas continue to happen because the NRA gives millions of dollars to elected officials every year to block any legislation that would threaten gun sales.  President Trump received more than $30 Million to support his campaign.
It’s time to reject the NRA’s blood money. Please join Guns Down in calling on the president and every member of Congress to Give Back the Blood Money and refuse to take another dime from the NRA.


Guns Down Guns Down

Every year, the NRA gives millions of dollars to elected officials at every level of office. They spent more than $30 million on Donald Trump’s campaign, and they are the largest and most powerful lobby in the history of our country. Their influence tears up any legislation that could threatens gun sales before it even gets a chance.

We need a change. We need to break the gun lobby’s death grip on America.