VICTORY: Subway Bans Open Carry

Big news – our #SubwayMustAct campaign has succeeded! Subway has changed its policy to ban open carry of firearms at all their restaurants, even in states where open carry is still legal.

We’re proud that Subway listened to the thousands of Americans who called on it to ban open carry in its restaurants and we look forward to continuing our work with the company to help build safer communities with fewer guns.

Will you send a thank you message to Subway for taking this important step?

We’re even prouder of our gun safety movement. 43,167 Americans signed our coalition petition and we sent 3,175 letters to Subway executives. We also partnered with Newtown Action Alliance, Moms Rising, and Daily Kos on a letter to Subway CEO John Chidsey that was signed by 153 families and survivors directly impacted by gun violence.

American businesses feel the impact of our lax gun laws on a daily basis and they have a responsibility to do whatever it takes to keep their employees and customers safe. Let’s show our appreciation that Subway is setting an example for other companies to follow.

Thank you again for your role in making this important victory happen. This win is because of you!

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